The history of Dunimarle Castle

A historic Scottish jewel

Dunimarle Castle occupies a spectacular setting in a highly elevated position overlooking the Firth of Forth. The original dwelling was a medieval Castle belonging to the MacDuffs who were the Thanes, or Royal representatives, of Fife. 

The Blaw family owned the estate from the 16th century until 1830, when it was sold to Lady Margaret Keith of Tulliallan. 

Shortly afterwards the small mansion was incorporated into a grander, castle-like villa for Magdalene Sharpe Erskine (1787-1872), sister and heir to local nobleman Sir John Drummond Erskine of Torrie (1776-1836).

A coastal fortress

The Castle was built to take advantage of this defensive, coastal site. The small 18th century mansion house ‘Castlehill’ was built further east to exploit the site's picturesque qualities.

The Victorian Era

Magdalene Sharpe Erskine (24/02/1787 - 1872) Dunimarle, or Castlehill as it was originally known, was a fortified castle built in the medieval period. A small 18th century mansion house was then built to the east.

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